Poker for money with assistants

Poker is one of the most gambling and widespread games in the world. It has been known about since time immemorial, so it is impossible to say exactly when poker appeared. There are references to this game in various countries of the world and they refer to completely different time periods. The basic rules were also different. However, the general essence remained unchanged.

The first mention of poker in Asian culture dates back to the 10th century. The emperor himself liked to play this gambling game, and was recognized as a rather successful opponent. In those days, cards were made of ivory, cost a lot of money and were available only to very rich people. As for the basic rules, they were as follows:

  • only 5 people could gather at the table;
  •  there were 25 cards in the deck;
  •  only 5 suits.

Many historians agree that poker originated in Asia. Although there are other opinions on this matter. Club poker applications are a separate world, not at all similar to “classic” poker rooms. Some say the players are weak, the win rates are double digits and the grass is greener. If you are completely unfamiliar with the concept of “poker applications”, then this article will help you figure it out.

What are Club Poker Apps?

Club applications are mobile platforms where anyone can create a poker club with their own rules and let only those they want go there. Now it is closed clubs that are popular on the network, where you can only get through agents. Several clubs can form alliances.

Let’s consolidate the basic concepts:

Club poker application (poker app) is a mobile platform for playing poker. The club is an analogue of the poker rooms we are used to. Different clubs have their own cash tables and tournaments – somewhere they play more expensively, somewhere they love Omaha, somewhere they let, for example, only compatriots.

An alliance is an association of several clubs (roughly speaking, a poker network). They may have a shared cash game and tournaments.

An agent is a person or organization that acts as an intermediary between a club and a player. A player cannot join a private club without an agent, as well as make a deposit, withdraw winnings or receive rakeback. Clubs conduct any financial transactions through agents.

How are apps different from classic rooms?

There are not as many differences as it might seem, but they seriously affect the gameplay.

Play money games

There is no real balance in the applications, only play chips. Thanks to this, applications can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS directly from official stores without any problems, since there are no financial transactions on the site. The whole game is played by “candy wrappers”, the calculation of which takes place outside the application.


Since applications do not have their own cash register, the burden of real settlements between players falls on the shoulders of agents. First, you give money to the agent, and he makes a request to buy chips, which will be credited to your account.

Financial transactions through agents

This is an integral part of all club applications. In a regular poker room, you manage the cashier yourself—make a deposit, withdraw or transfer funds at your convenience. In the case of club applications, you work through agents.

Why are agents needed? I could buy these chips myself!” – a perfectly logical thought that can come to mind. But it is the agent who acts as a guarantor of fair settlement between the players in the club.

Imagine a hypothetical situation. Today you played NL100 at a 6-max table and won 200 chips from each opponent ($1 chip value). Since the calculation cannot take place on the platform of the application, you write to each of the opponents in a personal message: “Hi, I won 200 chips from you, $200 from you to the card 123456789”. What is the chance that you will get your thousand? – a rhetorical question.

HUD only with converters

In euro rooms, HUDs are either prohibited or allowed and work great.

It is worth saying that the use of auxiliary software or preflop charts is not welcome in applications, but there is no direct prohibition in the rules anywhere. Therefore, many regulars use them, and so far no one has been blocked.

Mandatory insurance, VPIP limit

As mentioned earlier, club owners can set any rules. By design, club applications were created only for recreational players who play poker for fun.

Therefore, in order to be in the spirit of the original idea, the owners of some clubs can create tables with a mandatory minimum VPIP indicator (the percentage of hands with which you enter the fight for the pot), or with the obligation to take “all-in insurance” (from which the organizers receive additional rake ).

This is not a widespread practice, but you will not find this in the usual European rooms.

Complete anonymity

Theclub application does not ask users for any personal data – when registering, you will only need an email address and a password. In all applications, except for KKpoker, you really do not need to go through verification. KKpoker requires full verification as it operates under the official Isle of Man gaming license.

In ordinary rooms, they will demand everything, everything, everything, up to your photo with a passport in your hands. Plus, no one is immune to outright bizarre background checks like they did in 2021 at PokerStars.

Play only on smartphone or emulators

99% of the classic rooms are desktop poker programs, most of which have mobile versions. In the case of club applications, everything is different: this is an exclusively mobile product, and the interface in them is tailored only for the phone. Occasionally, club applications have a PC version.